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What Litter Do Cats Really Prefer?

Litter Box PadsCat owners are quite savvy. They know that no cat litter is perfect. Each one of them has a set of drawbacks. But one thing is for sure – forget perfume-pleasing scents. Cat litter with high scent volume caters entirely to us – people. Not cats. Forget special formulas or alternative ingredients too.

Cats prefer unscented clumping litter because, quite frankly, it’s simply more inviting. But, it’s up to you to keep it clean. A cat will refuse to use the litter box after a while if it’s smelly and full of bacteria. In fact, according to veterinarians, most inappropriate elimination problems are man-made. That’s right. Poor cat litter choices (like ones that contain perfumes, dyes, or pellet), dirty litter boxes, and non-clumping litters may contribute to a house-soiling problem.

While there is some conflicting opinions about the use of litter box liners, we can speak from experience (and on veterinarian recommendations) that the supplemental use of litter box pads – like Breathe Free Litter Box Mate litter pads – work extraordinarily well in eliminating those litter box odors and bacteria that cats hate. Supplementing your cats litter box experience with a litter box pad – which is buried under standard clumping or unclumping litter – is 100% proven effective. Plus, it saves on cleaning times for us cat owners.

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