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The Hairy Hairball Dilemma

Litter Box PadsOwners of long-haired cats know all about hairballs. But did you know the scientific name for it is trichobezoar? That’s right. A hairball is basically a wad of undigested hair, moistened by bile and other digestive fluids. They are slender… or round… generally appearing like a small sausage.

As violent as your cat sounds getting a hairball up, hairballs are completely normal. As a cat grooms itself, she’s swallow a lot of loose fur. While most of this hair eventually passes through the digestive tract and is excreted intact in the feces, some of it remains in the stomach and gradually accumulates into a wet clump – the hairball.

Kittens, young cats, and of course hairless cat breeds… don’t develop hairballs. It’s typical, rather, in older cats that spend a good portion of their waking hours busy licking and grooming their coats.

Hairballs come up once every week or two… and it’s generally nothing to worry about. But, a hairball problem might be developing if:

>> Your cat is lethargic.

>> Refuses to eat for more than 24 hours.

>> Has repeated episodes of unproductive dry heaving.

In rare cases, the hairball may pass into the intestine, creating a potentially life-threatening blockage in the digestive tract. If your cat exhibits any of these signs, contact a veterinarian immediately.

You can also feed your cat a hair ball remedy – usually a mild petroleum-based laxative – once or twice a week.

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