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“Hey Skye, I just overheard Gigi on the phone talking about Spring Break.  They were talking about maybe flying to Destin, Florida, where the sand is white as sugar or maybe to South Padre Island where the parties are crazy.  “Ohhh no, flying?  Did you say flying?”  “Yeah, what’s the problem?”  “Well, the problem is you don’t remember because you slept the entire time when they flew us from Michigan, where we were born, all the way home to Texas.  What a nightmare that was for me!!!”

“Nightmare?  I don’t remember having any problems with flying.”  “Well, Sterling, that’s because YOUR tranquilizer worked.  You see, mine didn’t.  You slept through it all, but I remember being in this small carrier thingamajig while Momma walked me through the noisy airport.  I couldn’t stop crying and she was so nervous and kept telling me to be quiet.  Then we get into this metal closet with seats for the twolegs to sit in and I was stuffed underneath the seat in front of her.  The roar of the engines was so loud and so scary.  I didn’t fall asleep until we were somewhere over Arkansas.  NO, NO, NO, you are not getting me on a plane again.”

“Calm down, Skye, even if Gigi is going on Spring Break, she won’t be taking us.  And besides, Momma will never let her go with her friends anyways.  But to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind spending some time on a California beach for Spring Break because I hear the west coast female cats are very pretty.”

Cat.BEACH Babe. Spring

“Well, when you put it that way, it just might be worth a trip.  Maybe Dr. Buzz could just give me a bigger dose of meds to make me sleep like you did the entire flight.  I do have more muscles than you do.  Think that could have been the problem in the first place?”  “Oh yeah, I bet that was the problem…NOT!”

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