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Skye & Sterling Spring Forward

“Hey Sterling, guess what happens this weekend?”
  “Ugh, please don’t tell me our two-leg is having company over again!  If Momma brings that 3 year old girl over, I might never come out from under the bed again.  Why do kids like to run after us and try to pull our tails?”

“Beats me, but it really scares me too!  But, that’s not it, Sterling.  This is the weekend that the two-legs change time forward an hour.  That means we’ll have daylight longer now.”  “Well, all I can say is leave it to two-legs to think that they can change time whenever they want.  Why do they worry so much about time anyways?  I like that we just live moment to moment.  No worries about the past or the future!”

“I suppose that’s the joy of being cats!  But at least this does mean that spring is near and winter snowfalls will soon be a thing of the past.”

Cat.Cold Pawss Wowza

“Well, I can surely get behind that!  So how does it go?  Spring Forward, Fall Back.”  “Yep, that’s right.  We’ll all be springing forward this Saturday night!”

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