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Skye & Sterling Find Bathing Beauties

“Wow, Skye it’s another lazy day with nothing to do.  Let’s just relax and go with the flow.  After all, that’s what cat’s do, right?”  “Yeah, but first come over here and look out the window to see what I see.”

Cat.Funny.Sunbathers bikinis

“Wow, two sunbathing cat chicks.  Why don’t we go out and introduce ourselves, Bro?”  

“Sounds like a plan to me.  I could use a little sun myself.  I’m really tired of being cooped up all winter; and finally a warm and sunny day is here.  Hey, maybe we could tell them about our new litterbox pads.  Bet they’ll be impressed to know that our box and home never smell.  I think chicks like that!”

“Oh, Sterling, it’s like you’re obsessed with our new box pads.  Chill  a little.  I think that might be TMI for a first date.”  “Okay, but we’ll have to eventually tell them.  It’s just not right if we don’t share our good fortune.”

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