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Signs Your Cat is Having Problems With the Litter Box

Litter Box PadsAs much as we’d love to believe our cats are always happy and content, unfortunately that’s not always the case. Litter box problems are very common, yet often go over-looked or ignored. “House-soiling” is not just a small problem, it’s a serious issue that could put the health of your cat… and every member of your house at risk.

Here’s how to tell if your cat is having problems with the litter box:

  • A pattern of urinating and/or defecating outside the litter box
  • Urine spraying – evidence of urine marks around doorways, windows or new objects in the house
  • Spending longer than a normal amount of time in the litter box
  • Meowing while in the litter box
  • Going to the litter box more often than normal

Possible causes:

  • Health issues ranging from diabetes to lower urinary tract disease
  • A dirty litter box or inadequate number of boxes in the home. At least one box per cat plus one is recommended. The litter boxes need to be in different locations in the house – not all in one room.
  • Litter box is located in a remote, noisy or unpleasant surrounding
  • Litter box is inappropriate – covered boxes can maintain odors and large cats may not be able to move around enough in small boxes
  • Wrong type of litter or sudden change in litter type
  • Social changes, such as the addition of a new cat or the sudden presence of outdoor cats

If you change your cat’s litter box infrequently, travel a lot, or have multiple cats at home, you’re more likely to experience a “house-soiling” problem. Consider making adjustments to your litter box care routine. We recommend using litter box pads. Our BreatheFree Litter Box Mates litter pads go a long way in helping to keep the litter box clean, odor-free, AND bacteria-free. In fact, it comes highly recommended by some of our nation’s leading veterinarians and cat breeders! If the problem continues, see your veterinarian to investigate possible health problems immediately.

SOURCE: FLUTD: Thinking Outside (and Inside) the Litter Box

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