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Noises of Spring

Hey Sterling, “do you know what today means”?  “It’s Friday and our twoleg momma will go out line-dancing tonight?”  “Well, yeah but it’s more than that.  It’s actually the first day of March and we know what that means.”   “Oh right, she’ll be getting all excited that spring is officially around the corner and will start cleaning like a crazy twoleg.”

“That vacuum machine noise scares the bejebbers out of me.  Quick, Skye, let’s find a hiding place under the bed now before the madness begins.  Oh, I see her already pulling stuff out of the closet and bagging it up to give away.  And next, you know she’ll be vacuuming and mopping with the pine smell all around the floors.  This will NOT be a good day.”

Well, Sterling, “haven’t you noticed she doesn’t pine clean around our box as much anymore?”  I know, that new pad that she’s putting at the bottom of our box is really working.  I love never having to smell our nasty box odors and the fake perfume again.  “I know, Skye, but if it’s March now, my allergies will start going wild.  The less artificial fragrances in our box, the better for me.  Then thank momma for Breathe Free!”

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