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Keeping Kitty Warm in Winter

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Other things to do this winter:

– Keep your cat well fed and hydrated

A well-nourished cat is better equipped to cope with the harsh weather

– Cats love curling up in a warm place for a nap

Prevent potential burns and fires by protecting your cat from open fireplaces, wood stoves and space heaters

Warm engines are also a favorite place for outdoor cats, so honk the horn or bang on the hood before starting your car

– Antifreeze has a sweet taste cats like but it’s toxic enough to cause serious illness and even death

Make sure your car isn’t leaking any fluids and keep containers safely locked away

– Keep the litter box clean and odor free

If your cat is used to doing her business outside, she may resist using the litter box for a little while

Go the extra mile to keep the box clean by using BreatheFree Litter Box Mate litter pads to This entry was posted in Latest and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink.

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