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How to Use


  1. Separate BreatheFree Litter BoxTM grate from pan.
  2. Remove BreatheFree Litter Box MateTM and unfold.
  3. Peel white release strip from double sided tape and place pad inside bottom of BreatheFree Litter BoxTM pan. Press on all sides to adhere.
  4. Gently shake to even out natural mineral in pad.
  5. Set BreatheFree Litter BoxTM grate on top of pad.
  6. Fill litter box with 3-4 “of desired cat litter.
  7. Scoop as usual; replace only litter that has been removed. DO NOT REMOVE GRATE PRIOR TO CLEANUP
  8. After 30 days, dump litter and remove grate and used pad; clean pan and grate; adhere new BreatheFree Litter Box MateTM.