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Home Alone

“Looks like Momma and the family’s leaving us again.”  “I know, Skye, I just saw her take out the suitcases.  I heard her say something about an Easter vacation.”


“I hate it when they go away.  It’s so quiet with just you and me hanging around without our twolegs.”  “Think they will miss us while they’re gone?  I don’t know why they just don’t take us with them.”  “I know, but at least now that she uses those litter box pads our box doesn’t stink while they go away.  Remember how bad it use to smell after she would leave for a couple of days.”  “Peeuuu… yep, I remember.”

“Hey, why don’t we venture out on our own one day.”  “Where could we go?”
“Well, I heard there’s this Wizard who
has the best noms in the world”.
“Really, where does he live?”
“Somewhere over the rainbow, I hear.”
“Sounds good to me!”                                         Cat.Wizard

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