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Flowers Arrived Today

Hey Skye, “why is Momma taking those beautiful flowers outside that the florist just delivered?  I heard Gigi say that they were sent to them for Easter.”  “Well, thank goodness she is Sterling.  Those are poisonous to felines like us and she knows how we love to nibble on her plant and flower leaves.”  “Oh, seriously?!!  I didn’t realize that!  Thanks for the warning.”  

“Yes, I heard Momma telling Gigi that thousands of cats are killed every year because their twolegs don’t know this.  Here, I’ll show you a list of a lot of the indoor plants that are toxic to us.  I found this on the web:



 Cat.Lillies Kill Cats

“Well, we sure are two blessed Texas cats, Bro.”  “Yep, and hopefully someone will send Momma some beautiful yellow roses for Easter so she can enjoy.  Where’s our credit card?  We can order some right now.”


Cat.Credit Card

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