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Feline Friends

Hey Sterling, “I heard from Carl last night in my dream.”  “Oh yeah, how’s he doing these days?”  “Well, he’s still living in Michigan and it’s really cold and snowy there.  He sounded miserable because he can’t go out and he’s getting cabin fever.  Oh I’m so glad we moved to Texas.  Did you tell him it’s sunny and already in the 80’s here?  “Nope, I didn’t want to rub it in.”  “I just don’t get it.  We all live in the United States, but some places are cold and some places are hot at the same time.”  “I know, right!  I think  about our feline friends out in the winter weather.  So happy springtime weather is almost there too.”  “Good thing we never go outside!” 

“Yeah but when the back door opens, sometimes I get the urge to explore.  I try to sneak near the opening but then I remember how sad Momma would get so I don’t leave.”  “It scares me to think about it.  I’d never want to be on my own.”  “Remember Lucy?  She did that and ended up in a shelter because her twolegs couldn’t find her.”  “Oh, I know, I always feel so bad for our fellow felines who spend time in shelters.  I know it’s safer than being out on the streets, but it must be so lonely just waiting around for a twoleg to adopt you.


Cat.Adoption tell me story

We just all want a loving home, you know.”  “Well, God bless those people who work in shelters.”  “Yeah, and to those who visit shelters to find a cat to bring home and love.”

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