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Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Eliminates Litter Box Odor – Guaranteed

Veterinarians and cat owners across the country have made Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ their #1 cat litter product of choice. It is the only eco-friendly cat litter product guaranteed to eliminate litter box odor.

Breathe Free Litterbox Mate™ litter pads, manufactured by White Cliff Pet Product LLC, are filled with a natural organic mineral that absorbs moisture and ammonia gases, in turn neutralizing and eliminating litter box smells. After a 30-day cycle, the pads can be snipped open, and its minerals released over lawns, gardens, and shrubs. Nitrogen from the ammonia is then gradually released into the soil. Slow-release products are less likely to be washed away from watering or rain, this less likely to pollute ground water supplies Nitrogen is the most important element for plant development and must be added to the soil to avoid a deficiency. Nitrogen produces lush, vigorous plants and grass.

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