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Cat Separation Anxiety – How to Prevent it When You’re Away

clean smelling litter boxWe all have schedules that we must attend to

Unfortunately, our cats don’t always take kindly to our engagements outside of the house

Particularly, cats that have a very strong bond with their owner may show signs of separation anxiety

Keep an eye out for out of the ordinary behavior when gone for any length of time

There are measures that can be taken to help prevent a cat from rebellious behavior while away from home:


Recognize the signs

Of course, the most important factor in preventing separation anxiety is knowing when your cat is experiencing it

Maybe your roommate or even a neighbor has heard your cat meowing in the window constantly or making other types of vocalizations for prolonged periods of time

Look out for bald spots, scabs and hair loss as they could be a result of excessive grooming from stress

Lastly, urination on your belongings or near the front door are tell tale signs of separation anxiety

Anything abnormal in your cats behavior should be taken into consideration


Meeting your cat’s needs

Cat’s love routine

Feeding habits, location, and time are key to a stress free environment

Cat food that reduces stool odor can also be helpful

Most importantly, keep up with the litter box

Don’t fall behind on scooping, determine it’s location, and try not to relocate it! A BreatheFree Litter Box Mate will both reduce odor and provide a comfortable environment for all of your kitty business


Provide Stimulating Opportunities

Providing your cat with engaging toys while away can help stimulate it’s senses and reduce stress from separation

Make the most of playtime when you’re available to your cat as it helps balance its emotions and limit any frustration


com provides a lot of tips on healthy ways to have fun with your cat


Make sure your cat’s necessities are available and CLEAN


Your rushed schedule may keep you from keeping the food dish full and/or the litter box clean

Leave yourself a note or get in the habit the night BEFORE your busy day, to make sure your cat has plenty of food and a good, clean smelling litter box

Without these necessities, your cat may sink into deep despair and may even begin to soil the house

Remember, please contact your veterinarian if you feel your cat needs help coping with separation anxiety issues


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