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Scratching, Cat House Soiling… and Other Cat Communication Concerns

Have you ever wondered if your cat is trying to tell you something? Sure, she may not be actually speaking to you, but when she goes outside her litter box or shreds to the new couch to pieces – she is trying to send a message.

But how to decode it?

Believe it or not, cat behavior speaks volumes. And while you may be quick to change that “bad” behavior, we encourage you to stop and think about what it could actually mean. Most cat behavior issues are quite solvable once you know how cats think and why they are behaving as they are.

1. House soiling.

This is a common problem, and the #1 complaint among cat owners. But there is a method for this madness. Your cat doesn’t really want to go outside her litter box – but she feel she has no choice.

If the litter box is in the basement, perhaps it’s just too cold and uncomfortable down there.

Maybe the box is dirty and smelly.

Have you replaced the litter with a new brand. Better yet, have you replaced the litter at all within the past couple of months?

The answers to these questions may reveal the true answer to the house soiling question.

2. Constant scratching.

Cats scratch. It’s what they do. They are not trying to be bad or malicious. A cat’s urge to scratch is natural. There is also a possibility that she is stressed.

3. Getting up on the counter.

You may yell and scold every time your cat jumps on the counter, but think about it – she is constantly looking up at you from the floor. Have you ever thought that she may want to be closer to eye-level with you? It’s her way of telling you that she wants to be closer to you.

Chances are, after reading this, you’re feeling a little disappointed in yourself. Don’t sweat it. The good news – our cats love us unconditionally. They forgive and forget very easily. The next time you think she’s being bad, try to be mindful of what she may be really trying to tell you.

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