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Can Cats Drink Milk? Debunking Common Cat Myths

best way to get rid of litter box smellCat owners are no strangers to all those myths out there. You know the ones…

>> Cats have nine lives.

>> Cats are lactose intolerant.

>> You should never brush a cat’s teeth.

The list goes on and on.

Is there any truth to any of these common cat myths? We set out to do some investigating of our own and discovered some interesting answers.

Here are the most common cat myths… and the REAL truth behind them.

Myth #1 – Cats can’t tolerate milk.

A cute cat quietly lapping at a saucer of milk. What could be more natural? The truth is many cats get diarrhea from milk and too much milk can quickly add up to an obesity problem. Your best bet is sticking with a saucer of water.

Myth #2 – Never brush a cat’s teeth.

Routinely brushing your cat’s teeth not only freshens breath, it also limits the risk of oral disease and gives you a chance to notice anything unusual happening to teeth and gums.

Myth #3 – Garlic can get rid of worms in cats.

Garlic may cause anemia in cats and should be avoided.

Myth #4 – Cats need their whiskers for balance.

Cats use their whiskers as “feelers,” but not to maintain balance. How a cat positions its whiskers can also be an indication of mood. Whatever you do, don’t cut a cat’s whiskers or pull on them. Whiskers are rooted deep in the skin where nerve endings are abundant.

Myth #5 – It’s OK to give my cat table scraps.

Did you know that a piece of cheese for a 10lb cat is like eating almost three full chocolate bars? Table scraps are empty calories for cats. They need precisely balanced nutrition for their specific life stage and special needs to remain healthy.

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