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Understanding Litter Box Odor


  • Bacteria and ammonia can have its harmful effects on you, your pet, and your family
  • Ammonia is the leading cause of upper respiratory infections in cats

High-levels of ammonia are known to cause serious issues to respiratory tracts in both humans and animals and can also lead to low-weight gain and increased rates of pneumonia.

Finding any objective scientific proof to back claims of litter companies stating their product alone eliminates odor is almost impossible.

Is your litter box really clean after scooping out the clumps?

Removing clumps from your cat’s litter box does not clean it.  Bacteria inside the box feed off of your cat’s excretions rapidly multiplying and releasing ammonia gases.  The bacteria left behind after scooping is still in the litter box.

Our new product is the only solution that eliminates urine odor, fecal odor and bacteria growth.  BreatheFree Litter Box MateTM  are pads filled with an inert organic mineral from Mother Earth with a unique chemistry that actually adsorbs moisture and selective gases, such as ammonia.  It is safe and gentle to use for neutralizing and eliminating harmful levels of ammonia, as well as, other odors in the litter box.  It is Mother Nature’s answer to litter box odor.