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About Us

We are cat lovers who cherish our pets and care about the air they breathe.  That’s why we are giving you the best possible solution to keep our feline friends’ litter boxes ODOR FREE.

No toxic urine smell. No fecal stench.

Like you,  we tried the other litter products that declare complete odor absorption – and had no luck. No matter the cat litter, the smell would ultimately seep into our rooms and our cat’s lungs.

This odor problem is what first got White Cliff Pet Products LLC investigating a REAL SOLUTION to a real problem.

Kitty Litter Pads

Your cat’s small respiratory system could become damaged if the litter box is not completely free of all toxic odors.

In our research, we discovered many thoroughbred horse breeders had the solution. We learned that a horse’s respiratory system is sensitive to toxic odors, and must be clear to remain healthy to run effortlessly. Breathing ammonia odor from the urine causes respiratory issues and allergies.

With this knowledge, love of cats, and a visionary entrepreneurial spirit, we designed a unique organic litter solution that eliminates all toxic urine and fecal odors! And, it provides hard clumping for easy disposal!

We extensively tested the pad whith over 500 multiple cat owners and veterinarians.

Dr. Warren Newman from Boston has three cats and has tested BreatheFree Litter Box MateTM for many months.  He determined that our product, with the inexpensive store brand clumping litter, was the litter box of choice, as he tested our product side-by-side with a  second box using the high priced “odor reducing” litter. The product eliminated all odors from urine to feces and also stopped inappropriate elimination.

“It is an excellent healthy and clean solution using an inexpensive clumping litter,” says Dr. Buzz.

BreatheFree Litter Box MateTM has been cat approved through our national testing program.  IT WORKS and that’s why it comes with a 100% money back GUARANTEE.

BreatheFree Litter Box  MateTM creates a healthy environment for your cats, home and the planet while helping to save and find homes for sheltered cats.”